Brittani R, Ruffin, SC

The Mom & Baby Gift Box is filled with essentials for both mom and baby that you need that people forget to tell you about. Also love that all the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Ingrid Y, Oakland, CA

I wasn’t quite sure what to get for an expecting mom, which is when I stumbled upon the ‘For Mom’ gift box at Lullaby Lane. It was just what I was looking for. With only 3 days until the baby shower, I reached out to the owner, Jessie, to see if it could even make it in time and she assured me it would as she was going to send the package that day. Sure enough, the package arrived several hours ahead of the baby shower with no added shipping costs. 5 out of 5 stars for Customer Service! These boxes make such great gifts for soon to be mothers!

Katie E, Marietta, GA

What a fun and thoughtful baby gift from The Lullaby Lane. Opening the gift box filled with quality and useful products for both me and my new baby really brightened my day as a new mom. Thanks!

Shreha J, San Francisco, CA

I’ve been going to a lot of baby showers recently and I’m so happy I found The Lullaby Lane. The Expectant Mom Gift Box is a great gift as it not only has something for the new baby, but also has plenty of really useful and practical products for the new mom.

Billy B, Conroe, TX

My wife ordered some products from here and loved them! I definitely recommend checking it out.

Naomi C, Seattle, WA

I ordered the New Mom & Baby Gift Box from The Lullaby Lane for my sister-in-law's baby shower and it went down like a treat! I wanted to give her something that would really take care of her in the early days of motherhood and the selection of natural products to soothe and pamper her was perfect. Thank you, Jessica for helping to choose the right box and making sure it arrived on time at short notice!

Susan B, Fort Collins, CO

These curated boxes are so unique and well received. I have sent several boxes as gifts and had great feedback from the recipients. I love how easy it is as the giver to choose a product and have it shipped. These are better gifts than I would ever pick out on my own!

Shere M, Gilbert, AZ

I love that all of these products in the Mom & Baby Gift Box contain no phthalates or parabens and that they are natural and organic. I can feel good about giving this awesome gift. It really takes the guesswork out of getting the perfect baby present.

Judy D, Berkeley, CA

I love Lullaby Lane! Such thoughtful gifts, curated beautifully. Expectant moms love the boxes, as do new mothers. My daughter was very excited to get hers, and had fun opening each item. Very useful & fun. Highly recommend. Excellent shower gifts too.

Sarah W, Glastonbury, CT

I absolutely loved my box sent to me by The Lullaby Lane! Effort and thought was definitely put into the aesthetically pleasing packaging. The cute packaging paper, with the stars, moon, and planet, instantly put a smile on my face upon opening! The “Preggie Pop Drops” come in amazing flavors. My favorite product was the “Motherlove” nipple cream. It is completely organic and doesn’t stain your clothes like other brands. I use this a lot when breastfeeding.