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Why I Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging Partners

Once I decided to include organic and natural products safe for mom and baby in my gift boxes, I wanted my packaging to match. After much research, I found two companies that would meet my needs: noissue and EcoEnclose.

noissue provides brands, businesses, and makers with custom sustainable packaging. One of the main aspects that made this company stand out to me was its ideology of sustainability. The materials they use in their packaging must fit one or more of these criteria: compostable, recycled, reusable. Every custom packaging product they produce, from tissue paper to tape to stickers, meets this criterion. 

They also have an Eco-Alliance community of which we are proud to be a member. Their mission is to “support and empower the shift to sustainable business practices by building a community that can be better together.” Every order we place with them, they will plant a tree in an area that needs reforestation. To date, they have planted 42,427 trees worldwide and have reduced carbon by 876.56T, which is amazing.

EcoEnclose provides recycled, recyclable, and naturally biodegradable sustainable packaging. All of their products meet rigorous standards based on their sustainability framework, which includes designing for maximum circularity and seeing “naturally biodegradable” solutions as the only defense against plastic pollution. They consider the entire lifecycle, emphasizing Greenhouse Gases or GHG emissions and agricultural pollution, and know the primary package is just the beginning, that true sustainability must run deep. 

EcoAlly is their community where you'll have a chance to earn EcoBucks. Every EcoBuck we earn can be converted into dollars to donate to the Nature Conservancy. It is great to know that every purchase we make goes to help preserve nature. 

By joining these communities and businesses, The Lullaby Lane chooses and commits to using sustainable packaging. 

♻️ Choose one of our eco-friendly gift boxes for a mom-to-be or new mom. All gift boxes contain products that are safe for Mom and Baby. 


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