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Supporting Your Wife During Pregnancy: Helpful Tips

celebrate pregnancy together

Congratulations! You’ll be a parent, but what does that mean? How can you help her get through the next nine months (and beyond)?

This pregnancy changes everything, and sometimes, you might not know what to do or say—especially if she gets upset or freaked out. She’s probably feeling the same way, too. So here are a few ways to show her some love and support:

How Can I Support My Significant Other During Her Pregnancy?

Celebrate her pregnancy

Pregnancy is a cause for celebration and a time to show your partner how proud you are of her with a little help from the web. Pick up a pregnancy announcement card that reflects her personality and choose a spot to announce the pregnancy to family and friends.

Pregnancy announcement cards are a fun way to share the news and make sure your announcement is personalized to fit your family's personalities. Social media has been the de facto way to announce life events, but occasionally, something more personalized is a nice touch. 

Understand the nine stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing, magical time for your partner. Wondering what to expect when you're pregnant? Know the nine stages of pregnancy for moms and dads-to-be, including the signs of pregnancy and what to expect during each stage. Find out what’s happening inside your baby and what you can do to help. Read all about them from Cleveland Clinic.

Provide your support during each stage of pregnancy

Your partner's pregnancy will fill her with a mix of emotions. For example, she may feel excited during the first few months, nervous or anxious during the middle stage, and anxious and tired during the final months.

So, what can you do to help? During each stage of pregnancy, try to focus on actively listening to what she may be feeling, what she may need, and what you can do to help. Remember that emotions can come in waves and short succession, but ensuring your partner feels supported is important. 

Attend prenatal classes

Attend prenatal classes to learn what to expect during each stage of your partner's pregnancy. This information can help you prepare for the months ahead, whether the prospect of a new baby or how to be a supportive husband and father. Educate yourself with this guide to prenatal classes and find a class that suits you and your partner.

Keep tabs on her physical health

Your partner’s physical health will be your top priority when she’s pregnant. Pay attention to her physical needs and ensure she eats healthy foods, gets plenty of sleep, and has plenty of water to drink. 

Staying physically fit during pregnancy is important. Regular walks and light stretching are easy ways to maintain a healthy blood flow. Find out what to do if your partner doesn’t feel well and speak with your doctor about what medications are approved during pregnancy. 

Check out the baby’s development

Check out your baby’s development from week to week, including their size, weight, gender, and heartbeat. You can even use an at-home ultrasound machine to check your baby’s development, though it may be hard to read. Many apps and services nowadays can help inform you about your baby's development regularly. 

Get excited about the baby's nursery

Talk about what you will put in the baby’s room, including the crib, furniture, decorations, and equipment. Your partner may want to put together a baby book to document the pregnancy.

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