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Postpartum Must-Haves: Essential Items for New Moms

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Everyone is constantly amazed by how much stuff babies need, from diapers and wipes to bottles, teethers, and pacifiers. LOTS of burp cloths and onesies are needed, especially right after birth, blowing through multiple outfits a day—with bodily fluids, spit-up, something you need to clean up, and, of course, endless feeding.


But what about you, Mom? What do you need? Although your postpartum will likely be shorter than your newborn baby’s, several items can make your initial post-birth days a little more comfortable.

Everything may hurt after you give birth, and life with a newborn is tough enough. The essential items below will hopefully make your days easier, decrease discomfort, and make you feel a bit more like yourself. Even if you grab basic comfort items like Tylenol, maxi pads, and the aforementioned vaginal anesthetic, they will do wonders to help you.

Here is our list of items new moms should have in their postpartum care kit before giving birth to help with their recovery.

  • Witch Hazel Pads
  • Large Maxi Pads
  • Mesh Underwear
  • Stool Softener & Numbing Spray
  • Nipple Cream
  • Nursing Pads, Bras & Tops

Witch Hazel Pads

These will be used at home, and because witch hazel is so good at reducing swelling and inflammation, we recommend a jumbo-sized tub.

Applying to your vagina will ease the flaming ache left behind after delivery. A best practice is to stack a couple of witch hazel pads together on your maxi pad. Just change them out when they dry or between potty breaks. With postpartum hormones running wild, you may develop some acne and hemorrhoids. All three of these can be treated by witch hazel. 

Pro Tip: You’ll want to keep your witch hazel pads in the fridge so they’re cool, as the coldness will help aid in soothing the inflammation.

Large Pads

To help you feel more comfortable, use the most maxi kind of maxi pads you can find. You will want something that provides full coverage. The hospital will provide these while you are at the hospital, but you will definitely want to purchase a few boxes for your home.

After giving birth, most women will experience postpartum bleeding, which will feel like the longest and heaviest period of their life. For six to eight weeks, you’ll pass something called lochia, a combination of blood, tissue, mucus, and fluid from your uterus. The first week will start out pretty heavy, but eventually, as time goes on, it will become more like spotting before it goes away completely. 

Mesh Underwear

They are not the most glamorous, but they are amazing. The hospital should provide these for you during your stay, but if not, you will want to purchase some for the hospital and your home. You will definitely want to buy a few packs. 

Supporting you without compressing, constricting, or squishing any sensitive areas, mesh underwear is a saving grace after birth. They can stretch to support the aforementioned giant maxi pads, are disposable, and are insanely comfortable.

Stool Softener & Perineal Numbing Spray

You should get both of these from the hospital, but if not, make sure to get a stool softener since you will need a prescription. We recommend having these in your delivery bag and your postpartum kit at home. 

The first bowel movement post-baby can be scary, but the stool softener will definitely help. As it reduces your total regional pain before and after bowel movements. 

For vaginal delivery, you will want a topical anesthetic like a perineal numbing spray in your kit. It can be sprayed directly onto your vagina for much-needed relief. Your body just went through a traumatic experience, and it will take some time to heal, but these items can make going to the bathroom a little bit easier. 

Nipple Cream

New moms who are nursing or exclusively pumping will wind up with sore nipples. They’ll probably be rubbed raw and possibly cracked, especially during the first few days and weeks.

To help soothe and give your nipples some relief, we recommend Motherlove Nipple Cream, an award-winning herbal salve for sore, damaged, & cracked nursing nipples. It is lanolin-free, plant-based, and uses USDA Certified Organic ingredients. We swear by it so much that it is included in our Lullaby Lane gift boxes.

Nursing Pads & Nursing Bras/Tops

Your breasts will start to leak about 48 hours after giving birth, and for nursing pads, we recommend purchasing reusable ones as they are generally made of cloth, are soft, and can be thrown in the washing machine. However, disposable ones are also handy, especially if you are out and about. 

Purchasing nursing bras and nurse-friendly tops will make feeding and/or pumping easier and more comfortable. These don’t have to be specially designed tops—button-up shirts, cardigans, or tops with deep v-necks also work fine. I highly recommend nursing camisoles that typically fasten or unfasten from the straps as it makes it easy to nurse or pump and can be done with one hand.

Pro Tip: When you are ready to be discharged, whatever they gave you at the hospital, take any leftovers home with you. When I was in the hospital, the nurse told me I had paid for them (insurance) to ensure I took them. 

These are just a few items new moms will need after giving birth. Our boxes are perfect if you know a new mom or a mom-to-be and want to give a useful and thoughtful gift. They include items that will help mom heal and feel relaxed. 

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