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Newborn Gift Ideas: Thoughtful Presents for Baby and Parents

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Gifting for a baby can be difficult, especially if you have not spent time caring for or even been around newborns. It can be tricky to figure out a meaningful gift that will make a difference in the child's and their parents' lives. Of course, the gift boxes from The Lullaby Lane make an excellent gift before or shortly after the baby is born; but if you are looking for some good baby gift ideas a few months after birth, read on. Here are some practical gift ideas for newborns that should make gift-giving easier.

Great Gift Suggestions for Newborns and Their Families

1 - Baby Clothes

Whether you are struggling to find a gift for the parents or are looking for a nice gift for a newborn baby, clothes are always a good option. Babies grow out of their clothes quickly and need a good supply. Getting clothes a couple of sizes bigger and appropriate for the season is always nice. For example, if the baby is born in winter, I love buying spring or summer clothes.

2 - Baby Bath Products

Like everyone, babies need to be washed regularly, and you need to have the right products for newborns. A baby bath is a good option to ensure you have the right vessel to properly bathe a newborn. The equipment needed will depend on the baby's age, but newborns tend to outgrow things rather quickly, so something that grows with them wouldn't hurt. 

3 - Baby Blankets

Newborn babies need to be kept warm. You must also ensure the baby doesn't get or catch a cold. So, a gift that keeps the baby warm is ideal. To make it extra special, you can get it customized with the baby’s name embroidered on it. A warm, cozy, snuggly blanket to cuddle with your little one will always be appreciated. 

4 - Baby Diaper Bags

Baby diaper bags are also helpful gifts to give, even though they may seem like boring gifts. However, diaper bags are very useful and necessary when you are out and about with a newborn. An easy way to keep extra blankets, a change of clothes to keep them clean and comfortable, diapers, toys, etc. organized is a must. A diaper bag is a valuable gift because it can make parents’ lives easier, and having more than one could be just what new parents need.

5 - Newborn Toys

Newborn toys are another great gift idea. A lot of these are cuddly toys that are soft and pliable, which are appealing to a newborn. These are great because they can carry over into their toddler years. They can easily grip onto them, toss them around, and even lay on them without issues.

6 - Diapers

Diapers are a great gift because newborns and babies quickly blow through them. During the first month, a newborn can average 8 - 10 diapers daily! So you can never have too many diapers. You will want to purchase bigger sizes since they grow so fast. For example, buy a size 1 if you are buying for a newborn. You can get custom-made reusable diapers with the baby's name for a more unique gift. Not only are diapers a practical gift, but they are also a necessity! 

The presents mentioned above are just a few suggestions that you can use if you are looking for baby gift ideas. Babies and parents will love any of these gifts. But make sure you are getting something practical and useful. Checking the baby registry is always a great starting point.

Should you be searching for the perfect baby shower gifts, our gift boxes at The Lullaby Lane are what you are looking for! All gift boxes contain products that are safe for Mom and Baby.

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