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Gifts That Promote Healthy Growth and Development in Babies

Baby toys

Buying a gift for a child? Consider a toy that will stimulate a baby’s development. 

Toys are so much more than simply a form of entertainment for a child. When a child plays, they are building skills that are important for the development of their brain, cognitive skills, and the five senses. Did you know that children start using toys to help understand their words as young as one month old?

Children love to use things they see their parents use every day. A toy can be anything; a plastic bottle filled with rice, measuring spoons, even an empty toilet paper tube. GIFT SUGGESTIONS: Buy a colorful, easy to open hinged box and fill it with household items. My 1-year-old particularly loved a gift box that contained napkin rings, napkins, a large plastic spoon, and lots of colorful tissue paper. 

Toys that help a child use their imagination and spark creativity such as paint, pencils, stickers, and stamps are all wonderful gifts. GIFT SUGGESTIONS: a set of non-toxic watercolors or a complete set of crayons (the erasable type) accompanied by a pad of drawing paper are welcome gifts.

Kids wooden puzzle

Giving a child a jigsaw puzzle will help them recognize patterns, teach them about shapes and perspective. While their brains are working to figure the puzzle out they are learning about dexterity, shapes, and how things fit together.  Every child will learn about gravity and physics when a building block tower falls over. GIFT SUGGESTIONS: Age-appropriate wooden puzzles carefully chosen to ensure they are made from non-toxic paints, no sharp edges and if the pieces have small handles that they are secure. Building blocks are always a good place to start.

Some toys will enhance cognitive skills and promote physical play. These gifts are especially appropriate for an older child.  GIFT SUGGESTIONS: Tricycle, bowling set, kinetic sand,  balls of any type, T-ball set, baseball mitt, and ball. 

Any of these gifts are an excellent way to stimulate a baby/child’s brain and are essential to help them continue developing as they grow. 

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